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Tandem Extrusion line for LAN & Telephone Wires

The high speed tandem line for data cable manufacturing is a state of the art machine. The Extrusion machine for LAN Cables intakes the solid copper and draws and anneals it on line before putting it though the extrusion process. The special design cross head gives the high eccentricity on wire. The special design extruder suitable for PE offers the perfect extrusion and provides the online diameter control, capacitance monitoring system. The predefined recipes and remote services make the line operations user friendly. The line is equipped with high speed dual take up for continuous production. The Extrusion machine for Telephone Wires is equipped with high quality inputs forgiving high precision and high productivity to the customer.


The machine configuration depends upon several factors like, Material to extrude, Out put requirement and cable design. The line speed ranges from 500mpm—1500mpm depending upon size and material. The software is specially designed to make the machine interface user friendly. The machine has a self diagnostic feature to high light the alarms for any sort of defect or malfunction, even while running.

The machine is incorporated with IOT enabled hardware and follows the industry 4.0 norms.

The machine ingredients are specially designed to save energy and work at optimum level for all sizes and variety of wires.