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Remote Services

The after-sales support service is one area where Supermac stands out by providing the customer with prompt responses to resolve their issues. Sometimes the break down cost burdens the cables manufacturing company’s costings and makes it untenable. With the sophistication coming in electrical and electronics infrastructure, the break down cost can be controlled through remote services.

Supermac has developed the new system to overcome the breakdown at customer’s end and provides them with round the clock service facility through remote services.

Supermac has devolved the software which enables our technical team to take remote control of the control panel at the customer’s end through the internet. Once the control panel is accessed, the Supermac team can diagnose the problem and can upload the program amendment to resolve the problem.

Key Feature

The online remote service is the fastest way to address the issue at the customer’s end. The customer only needs to provide a high speed internet connection to the panel, whenever requested by the Supermac engineers. The system has proved to be very effective, especially when factories are located in remote areas. Our customers have appreciated our effort and intent behind developing such a support system, which brings the down time to almost zero.

Key feature
Key feature