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Supermac is committed to produce world class Plastic and Rubber Extrusion Plants through product innovation and employees motivation at an equitable price to exceed customer expectations. The company has all the necessary policies and procedures in place to ensure a convivial, safe, organized, empowering and non-discriminatory workplace. The company promotes open communication and complete freedom of expression, expecting all people to follow the set code of conduct. 


Supermac as a Responsible Corporate Citizen strictly adheres to government policies. The company is well aware about its social responsibilities and maintains environment regulations in all its manufacturing units. The company understands that corporate citizenship plays a crucial role in fuelling sales growth and exploration of new markets. Social and economic involvement, integration and support have been an inseparable part of Supermac’s daily operations right since its inception 44 years ago. The company provides various facilities to its employees like Medical, Recreation, and Canteen etc.



Being the world’s leading extrusion line manufacturing organization, the company is ethical and committed towards its social responsibilities. It strives to provide a conducive work environment to its employees and understands their needs for personal and professional grooming while ensuring safety all around. All the manufacturing is practiced in tandem with Govt. norms and policies and in adherence to a sustainable future.