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Dry cure CCV lines for Medium / High Voltage Cables

Supermac machine for dry cure CCV line is a result of multiple decades of dedication in cable Extrusion Industry. The incorporation of high torque motor and drives that provide Customer with wide range of torque required to extrude various products, since the system is compact therefore it is easy to couple the system directly on the machines & eliminates the requirement of various speed changing Gear Box.

Supermac dry cure CCV lines machines are meant to run long continuous production schedules taking care of frictional heat and pressure and deliver uniform production.


The line is equipped with driven Pay off & Accumulator, so that the changes over of Bobbin are done without stopping the line.

Key features:

  • Fast tool changing
  • CV Tube from Germany
  • SAG control from Germany
  • All machines are fully Guarded
  • Online Diameter controlling for all 3 layers
  • Dry Nitrogen cure & Nitrogen Cool System
  • Dry Nitrogen cure & Water Cool System
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
  • On line remote service facility to handle PLC and electronics problems.
  • In-house manufacturing that ensures excellent service and quality.
  • Electro mechanical switches are given for operator safety during running