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As a leading rubber cables extrusion machine manufacturer in India, the new generation of Supermac's rubber extrusion machines are perfectly adapting to the demands of LSZH cable extrusion, HFFR cable extrusion, and XLPE cables extrusion. The incorporation of energy-efficient Torque Motors in these machines for EV Charging cable extrusion line, Polyethlene extrusion lines, Retrofitting of extrusion lines as well as Automation and modification of extrusion line are coupled with the high Torque Gear Boxes to meet the challenging demand of processing new materials.

The Screw Barrel Geometry is the result of multiple decades of Supermac's rich experience in the extrusion field & handling of various Polymers over the years as a well-recognized XLPE cables extrusion machine supplier. The extruder incorporates modular design High Torque Helical Gear Box, meant to deliver the high Torque. The system is delivered with a splash cooling & force cooling lubrication system depending upon the requirement.


The combination of the latest generation of asynchronous motors & drives & perfect design of Screw, Barrel & Feeding zone results in absolute no pulsation even at low RPM. The demanding natures of new polymers like ZHFR which are very sensitive to friction heat are also extruded easily. These unmatched capabilities in building versatile extruders have made Supermac India's leading silicon cable extrusion machine supplier.

The Barrels are offered in Nitrided & Bimetallic version depending upon the process requirement. Barrels are honed & design to bear the max pressure of 1000 bars. Barrels are grooved linear or helical depending upon the polymer & process requirement.

Screws are made of Nitro alloy polished & bored for heating/ cooling with a thermoregulation system. The extruder is provided with a melt pressure gauge & transducer for keeping a check on pressure building in the extruder. All this testifies to the company's unexampled expertise as a renowned silicon extruder machine supplier.


Extruder machines are used for the extrusion of base material into the desired shape. This process involves applying a force to a material to cause it to deform. As a result of this force, the base material flows through an opening. It is easy to visualize the extrusion process by simply squeezing toothpaste from its tube. As a result of this process, manufacturers are able to produce products with complex profiles easily. Compressive and shear stress can be applied to different types of materials during the process.

There are many benefits of extruder machines by Supermac. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • Machines are perfectly adapting to the demands of LSZH cable extrusion, HFFR cable extrusion, and XLPE cables extrusion.
  • Energy-efficient Torque Motors.
  • Automation and modification of extrusion line.
  • No pulsation even at low RPM.

Rubber extrusion is a process through which a variety of rubber products are manufactured. Under this process, the natural rubber material is made to pass through a shaped die with the help of high pressure. As a result of this process, the work piece is vulcanized to harden the work piece into a usable final product. During the feeding of compounds into the extruder, raw materials are pushed along a conveyor by a heated shearing screw. In order for the material to become pliable, it must be heated and softened as it moves along the conveyor. By using the shearing screw, the softened material is compressed and forced into the die.