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Insulation & sheathing lines For building wire / submersible cables

The insulation and sheathing line for building wire and sheathing of flat submersible cables is a unique combination to produce wide range of cables. The extrusion line is capable of producing the single core at high speed with added advantage of processing the sheathing process of multicore cables, flat submersible cables, and flexible cables. The line is equipped with online printing, and testing gauges. The multi product extrusion line is most suitable for processing wide range of engineering plastics line PVC, NYLON, XLPE, ZHFR, FRLS, etc.

The line contents are customized to suit the customer requirement, providing the best techno commercial solution for customer. Supermac is one of the top insulation line & sheathing line machine manufacturers and suppliers with a vast experience in delivering the custom made solutions to facilitate customers with wide variety of insulation and sheathing line combinations. The typical line incorporates different types of payoff and take up and cross head but the PLC software has very easy transition from insulation to sheathing mode.


The Extrusion machine for submersible cables configuration depends upon several factors like, Material to extrude, Out put requirement and cable design. The line speed ranges depend upon size and material. The software is specially designed to make the machine interface user friendly. The machine has a self diagnostic feature to high light the alarms for any sort of defect or malfunction, even while running.

The machine is incorporated with IOT enabled hardware and follows the industry 4.0 norms.

The machine ingredients are specially designed to save energy and work at optimum level for all sizes and variety of wires.