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Insulation & sheathing line For thhn cables

With new development in plastics materials, it gets difficult to meet the high expectation of market with PVC cables, especially for building wires. Nylon sheathed wires have come into existence to overcome the limitation of PVC cables. These types of Nylon sheathed wires are called THHN /TFFN /THWN wires.

They cover more then 85% Building wire market share of Europe, North America, Canada and Middle East. If compared with PVC wires, The THHN wires have much better physical and electrical properties.

The Supermac Extrusion machines for THHN Cables are built for high-speed continuous production and are available in different types of extruder combinations depending on the wire sizes and client requirement. The lines are available in Dual Payoff with auto change options. The Nylon sheathing is given to PVC insulation in a single process known as Tandem extrusion process. The process improves the quality of wires by avoiding contamination between layers.


Key features:

  • Fast tool changing
  • All machines are fully Guarded
  • Online Diameter controlling for all layers
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
  • On line remote service facility to handle PLC and electronics problems.
  • In-house manufacturing that ensures excellent service and quality.
  • Electro mechanical switches are given for operator safety during running
Key Feature
Key Feature
Key Feature