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Explained: Medical Tubing Extrusion and Its Importance for the Healthcare Industry

Medical tubing solutions produced using medical tube extrusion line machine have been an inseparable part of the healthcare industry for hundreds of years. The patients who are in critical conditions are provided with necessary nutrients, different types of life-saving liquids, blood, and gases through these tubes.

There was a time when the quality, efficiency, and performance of these tubes used to be of the average grade, but now with the advanced medical tube extrusion line machine provided by the top polyethylene extrusion lines suppliers in India, manufacturers have started producing ultra-sophisticated medical tubing solutions that help medical professionals save thousands of lives around the globe every day.

Applications areas of medical tubing

Extruded medical tubing solutions are heavily used in a large number of ways in the healthcare industry. Some of the major applications include the following-

  • These tubes are inserted into the lungs of the patients to help them breathe properly during emergencies
  • Inserted when needed in the urethra to make way for the clearance of the urine of the patients who are unable to do it naturally
  • These tubes, made with the help of a medical extrusion machine, are also inserted in the blocked or fully collapsed arteries of the patients to hold them open
  • These tubes are an inseparable part of treatments associated with gastrointestinal, endoscopy, diagnostics, coronary, urology, neurology, neurovascular, and cardiovascular problems.
  • These medical tubes also play a great role in the optimization of the clinical results of a large number of medical devices provided by the leading extruder machine manufacturer

These tubes also bring improvement in the functionalities of the catheter by offering the required stiffness, high-pressure resistance, and kink resistance. Some of their principal functions include the following-

  • Bringing increment in the column strength
  • Bringing betterment in the burst strength
  • Enhancing torque properties and unmatched pushing ability
  • Providing sufficient resistance to collapsing
  • Providing exceptional strength and flexibility

Standards, Certifications, and Manufacturing Practices

What makes medical tubing solutions different from other types of plastic tubes is their eligibility for emergency medical applications. This eligibility undergoes a large number of standards and certifications that determine the nature of the material they are made, a certain set of specifications, and various other parameters ideal for medical tubing. These requirements are in place just to make sure that the tubing solutions made using the medical tube extrusion line machine provided by the top thermoplastic machine manufacturer in India are safe and reliable for patients.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) are the new-age manufacturing practices that determine the overall quality of a medical tube. In developed countries like the United States, Japan, Australia, and various others, there are laws that all companies need to abide by.

The exact manufacturing procedure might differ from country to country but their sole purpose is to make sure that the patients are getting the best of tubing solutions while getting treated for different types of ailments. ISO 10993 is a special series of standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that makes a comprehensive evaluation of the biocompatibility of a large number of medical devices including tubing solutions before a clinical trial or study.

Manufacturing materials and approvals 

As far as materials for making medical tubes with the help of medical tube extrusion line machines are concerned, they are completely non-toxic and lead-free with unmatched resistance to high temperatures. It is the material type that determines the crucial performance and quality-related properties of medical tubes. A high level of abrasion resistance, ample hardness, good flexibility, and durability are the most desired things in the materials they are made of.

All materials must be approved by the concerned government bodies such as the FDA. All the tube models and variants need to be medically approved before they enter the market. Each one of them have to go through various stringent quality tests, and once they are passed, various examinations and inspections are again conducted to make them trial-ready.

Performance Specifications

The performance rating of the medical tubing solutions produced using a medical tube extrusion line machine is determined as per performance specifications given by the manufacturers, such as-

  • Pressure rating

Pressure rating is the determiner of how much maximum and minimum pressure a particular tube can withstand. This capability of the medical tubes is measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

  • Maximum vacuum

Maximum vacuum is one of the most important attributes of the medical tubing solutions that define how much vacuum pressure can be created in a particular tube.

  • Minimum bend radius

Minimum bend radius is all about the intensity of deformation a particular medical tubing cross-section can be subjected to. The more the minimum bend radius, the better the flexibility in medical tubing. Measured typically in inches or millimeters, flexibility with sturdiness plays a crucial role when the tube is in use because when flexed beyond even a little bit of limit, it can cause kinking proving to be dangerous to the patients.

  • Temperature range

As far as the temperature range in medical tubing is concerned, it defines the complete range of ambient temperatures with which a particular medical tube is created to operate.

According to specific customer demands, diameters, thickness, geometry, and a large number of other things, the extrusion lines for medical tubing solutions have to count on a certain set of extruders and heads manufactured and supplied by the leading medical tube extrusion line machine and crosshead manufacturers in India.

Concluding Remarks

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