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Everything To Know About Supermac Industries (India) Limited

Extrusion is a process where any material undergoes a plastic deformation by applying a force, causing the particular material to flow through an opening. For example, extrusion can be seen when toothpaste is squeezed out of its tube. Extrusion allows many manufacturers to easily create complex profiles as different types of material meet compressive and shear stresses. Some of the significant extruded material besides screws and barrels are mentioned below:

  • Modeling clay
  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics

Some of the significant features of the extrusion process are mentioned below:

  • Wide variety
  • Cost-effective
  • Cross-section
  • Reduces the cost of the secondary machining process
  • Top-quality surface finish

Everyone knows that India has seen a successful industrial revolution in three to four decades. The country has achieved impressive growth in extrusion and other industrial sectors. One company that has played a significant role in this industrial revolution is Supermac Industries (India) Limited. The company came into existence in 1974, and it has become a premium supplier of manufacturing systems and process technologies like belt wrap capstans.

Supermac Industries (India) Limited caters to all the needs of extrusion industries worldwide. Some of the significant demands are mentioned below:

  • Power
  • Medical lines
  • Optical fiber
  • House wiring control cables

The Product Portfolio Of Supermac Industries (India) Limited

You may not know, but Supermac has a rich, vibrant, and innovative product portfolio. These products play an essential role in many industries and our daily lives. Moreover, all these products by Supermac are available at an affordable price.

Some of the products by Supermac are mentioned below:

  • Caterpillar and Capstans
  • Take-up and Pay-Off
  • Insulation line for building wires
  • Insulation line and Sheathing Line for Power Cables
  • Cross-Head
  • Dry Cure CCV Lines for Medium Voltage Cables
  • Screw and Barrels

As technology grows with each passing second, today’s market demands innovative and cost-effective extruders. Moreover, the extruder should adhere to all the required standards. Supermac Industries (India) Limited has always focused on innovation, understanding such demand by the consumer. As mentioned above, the company is famous for creating many extrusion methods and other necessary technologies.

The belt wrap capstan, screws, and barrels are essential parts of the extrusion process. Because of producing such innovative extrusion methods and technologies, Supermac set new benchmarks within the industry in minimum time. The company’s main goal is to meet the constant demands of new-age technology.

Supermac has earned a remarkable reputation among global business leaders and decision-makers with their work. The company has become the most preferred technology partner of global cable manufacturers.

Services by Supermac Industries (India) Limited

  1. Internet of things (IoT)

Supermac Industries (India) Limited realized the importance of the Industry Internet of Things or IoT. The fourth industrial revolution is also known as 4IR or industry 4.0. Supermac has always adapted itself to the 4IR solutions. Moreover, they have come up with numerous digital initiatives on 4IR solutions, like using screws and barrels in the extrusion process. One of the main reasons to recognize the need for IIoT is because it played an essential role in transforming the areas mentioned below:

  • Data security
  • Quality control
  • Process optimization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance

Over the period, the company managed to gain numerous reputed digital partners. These partners help them to transform the manufacturing processes at an affordable cost. These new innovative methods allowed the company to establish connectivity across:

  • Departments
  • Customers
  • Manufacturing plants

The Industry of Internet of Things has also managed to digitalize many workplaces. Some of the smart manufacturing concepts for belt wrap capstans and screws and barrels are mentioned below:

  • A well-managed Industry Internet of Things framework for better connectivity and management
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Better assimilation of all crucial data straight from the production lines
  • Comprehensive line uptime-downtime analysis
  • Unmatched machine learning
  • Real-time process traceability of critical process parameters
  • Easy connectivity and capturing of data through Mind Connect nano from Siemens

Machine Upgradation

Supermac Industries (India) Limited is one of the first technological leaders in India. The company worked hard to make modern technology compatible with customer use. Some of the things that are present in the company’s infrastructure are mentioned below:

  • New beltless drives
  • Screw and barrels
  • Servo mechanism
  • Responsive communications between the machines

Moreover, the company has also gone the extra mile to ensure the new deployments to the consumer. Furthermore, the company has also upgraded its existing infrastructure for better customer satisfaction. The up-gradation process was done of the following section:

  • Changes in designs
  • New design parts
  • More innovative options for better productivity

These upgrades may seem minor, but they ensure more productivity and reduce downtime costs.

Remote Services

One of the best ways to earn customer support is the after-sales services, and it applies to screw, barrels, and belt wrap capstans. Supermac Industries (India) Limited stands out for after-sales support. The company has gone beyond the call of duty to resolve the customers’ issues. Sudden breakdown costs become an unsustainable liability for cable manufacturers. Supermac has made it possible to control the breakdown cost. All this has become possible with the sophistication in electrical and electronics infrastructure.

The company has ideated a new-age system to combat the breakdown challenges. It provides twenty-four hours of support to its customers through remote services. The Supermac team uses a particular software program to take control of the customers’ panel.

Supermac Industries (India) Limited manufactures capstans, screws, and barrels in India. The company has also grabbed the CE Mark for its high-quality products. The company is striving hard to improve all existing procedures and its products. It always aims to derive new changes and improve the quality of its products. With these constant improvements in their products and services, Supermac Industries (India) Limited ensures to delivers the best out of the best to the consumers and partners.

Supermac Industries (India) Limited has recently participated in the Sikora Global virtual meet. As the company has every necessary policy and procedure in place, it helps to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory workplace environment. One can learn more about Supermac Industries (India) Limited from their official websites.