Established in 1974, Supermac is a leading solutions provider of leading-edge process technologies and advanced manufacturing systems for cable industries worldwide.

The company is built on the pillars of the combined vision of Mr. Harbhajan Singh and Mr. Kamarjit Singh. The innovative approach has helped the company gain prominence in manufacturing of extrusion lines, insulating equipment and sheathing machinery for premier manufacturers of power cables, optical fiber cables, housing wiring, control cables, and other areas.

The company has three advanced manufacturing facilities located in Manesar and New Delhi, altogether covering an area up to 95,000square feet. The zeal to establish itself as a market leader has made Supermac the sole company with in-house panel making, automation and testing facilities. Further, a team of specialized engineers enable the company to handle commissioning and installation tasks of varying complexities.

The extensive experience of four decades has helped Supermac to cater to ever increasing client requirements for designing systems and technologies for cable industries. The company’s constancy in quality, maintained since inception, has helped it attain a prestigious CE Mark on its range of products. The dedication to develop the best within the tightest of budgets and strictest of deadlines has been the company’s calling card and has made it a reliable import substitute.


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