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The Supermac single screw extruder is a product of 30 years of research & development. This confirms the dominance of Supermac in extrusion field.

The Gear Box is designed for transmitting the high torques & for coping up with the maximum thrust load. It has space saving construction. High efficiency is achieved with helical gears of high quality forged steel, hardened & ground.

The Thrust housing is designed for bearing the maximum force and not allowing the thrust pressure to damage the reduction gears as Supermac provides high quality Thrust Roller Bearing.

Screw & Barrel are the most important elements of an Extruder. These components have been the subject of much research and development which has resulted in the implementation of spiral grooved barrels adapted to the double-threaded screw.

The Barrel is made of special alloy steel, nitrided and honed designed for bearing the pressure of maximum 1000 Bar. A spiral grooved barrel allows forced feeding, this increases output and guarantees remarkable stability and linearity over the entire speed range.


The screw is made of special alloy steel, nitrided, polished, and bored throughout for oil heating cooling with thermo regulation system.

The screw is combined with a special grooved barrel having a properly equilibrated geometry.

The melting process is determined by the barrier zone. Separation between the solid and liquid phase is achieved, maintaining the solid bed up to the complete melting.

The role of metering zone is to homogenize the molten material and give high output without pulsation.

The space saving Mobile Extruders usually operators in conjunction with the fixed horizontal extruder. Thus in combination provides extra flexibility to insulate automotive wires, optical fibre buffering etc. and also employed as an auxiliary extruder for skin insulation, striping & colouring.

It is grounded by the foundation bolt & provides mobility in all four direction. i.e. backward, forword and both side ways. It ensure that its mobility leaves no impact on the quality of the products and provide the clearing, changing of screw & cross head as well and manages the thermal expansion of main extruders.

Extruder control is through a Modular Automation System which is assembled in line with customer requirement & optimize the extruder as single unit and as a part of complete line. The implementation & designing of all control take place in supermac’s own electrical engineering department.

Model Max. Speed (RPM) Drive (KW)

Max. Torque (daNm) No.of Zones Heating Power (KW) Output
SE-30-25D 150 5 40 3 6 30 18
SE-45-25D 150 15 60 4 12 90 55
SE-60-25D 120 30 300 4 20 150 90

100 56 670 5 25 280 180
SE-100-25D 80 90 1120 5 35 400 260
SE-120-25D 80 130 1600 6 42 600 380
SE-150-25D 60 235 2650 6 48 900 500
SE-175-25D 50 265 3370 6 73 1450 950

Note: Other L/D Ratio can be Supplied on Request